We Can Grow By Our Questions, As Well As By Our Answers.

Today it is time for our discussion of nugget#4 as we find it in An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded). WeQuiz often feel embarrassed to ask certain questions. It has often happened to me….it feels like I might be the only one not knowing the answer to the question. Everybody else seems to be “so informed” that it feels like I’m just going to look silly asking my question.

Time To Start Growing.

Eventually I discovered (way too late to my liking) that I am not the only one feeling that way. Once I decided to just be bold enough to start asking questions, I realized that all along there were many other people looking for the same answers (but also never asking them)!

If we don’t ask the questions, we’ll never learn the answers! I grabbed hold of two different sayings and I live by that motto, whether it comes to asking questions, or answering questions. These are:

  • “A wise man can learn more from a fool’s question, than what a fool can learn from a wise man’s answer”, and
  • “There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers”.

Grow By Asking Questions.

There is equal benefit for growth and learning, both in asking questions as well as giving answers.

Firstly, when we ask questions due to a lack of knowledge, we become more knowledgeable by getting the answers, and gain in general knowledge or we expand our knowledge on a specific subject.

We can also grow by asking ourselves some questions (I will explain this soon). I will list the 20 questions to ask and answer your-self as they are under nugget #4 in An Enemy Called Average, at the end of this article.

Grow By Giving The Answers.

As in my first example of asking a question to someone else, someone might be asking you the question now. I have often experienced that, when giving an answer to a question (especially when some explaining is necessary), I gain more understanding in the process myself. If I have any doubt, I offer to help find the answer, so I can also grow by gaining that knowledge. We must guard against the danger of thinking we know it all and become “un-teachable” in the process.

Secondly, by asking certain questions of ourselves, we are forced to do some introspection. We need to be honest with ourselves in order to benefit from these questions! When answering truthfully, we will find many opportunities for personal growth!

20 Important Questions To Ask Yourself As Listed In “An Enemy Called Average”

When certain bullet points are mentioned (or as in this case, specific questions), I will quote them as they are in the book. So these questions are quoted from the book, the rest of the content in this article is my own opinion on the subject purely for discussion. As mentioned in the first of the series of these articles, I am merely discussing these nuggets, while John Mason includes a full article on each nugget in his book.

Here are the 20 questions under Nugget#4:

  1. “What one decision would I make if I knew I would not fail?”
  2. “What one thing should I eliminate from my life because it holds me back from reaching my full potential?”
  3. “Am I on the path of something absolutely marvellous, or something absolutely mediocre?”
  4. “If everyone else in the United States of America (or anywhere else – my own emphasis) were on my level of spirituality, would there be a revival in the land?”
  5. “Does the devil know who I am?”
  6. “Am I running from something, or to something?”
  7. “What can I do to make better use of my time?”
  8. “Would I recognize Jesus if I met Him on the street?”
  9. “Who do I need to forgive”
  10. “What is my favourite scripture for myself, my family, my career?”
  11. “What impossible thing am I believing and planning for?”
  12. “What is my most prevailing thought?”
  13. “What good thing have I previously committed myself to do that I have quit doing?”
  14. “Of the people I respect most, what is it about them that earn my respect?”
  15. “What would a truly creative person do in my situation?”
  16. “What outside influences are causing me to be better or worse?”
  17. “Can I lead anyone else to Christ?”
  18. “In what areas do I need improvement in terms of personal development?”
  19. “What gifts, talents or strengths do I have?”
  20. “What is one thing I can do for someone else who has no opportunity to repay me?”


By the simple action of asking ourselves some questions, we can create a huge opportunity for personal growth! I know there are quite a few of these questions that I am asking myself, and I am going to commit myself to the answers to these questions!

An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded)

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How to Handle People Who Make Fun of You

This is an excellent article and contains so much truth. It is practical advice that can be applied in life. Anger is a just form of fear. When we feel inferior, or threatened, we tend to become angry. As so clearly pointed out in this article, it is the same with the person who is attempting to humiliate someone else. So don’t get upset, follow the advise given in this article and rise to the level of knowing your own TRUE identity!

“The Nose Of The Bulldog Is Slanted Backwards So He Can Continue To Breathe Without Letting Go” – Winston Churchill

Today we arrive at nugget #3 in our discussions in the book An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded)file8401300192751

If for any reason you have missed earlier discussions on this topic, you will find nugget #2 here. Eventually, all these nuggets will be linked in sequence.

As you can see from the title of this post, this nugget is obviously about perseverance and being persistent.

People who have these qualities, normally start their success where most other people start quitting!

We All Have Dreams.

We all have dreams, but there are two sides to this coin. For too many people, it will always be just that; dreams. Eventually these dreams even fade away and they can’t even remember what their dreams were.

Then we have the other side of the coin, people who take these dreams, turn them into goals and make them a reality! So often I hear people referring to successful people as “just having all the luck in the world”, or “just always being able to be at the right place at the right time”!

Personally, I don’t believe in the word “luck” in this sense. It all starts with a decision. After making the decision, we need to take action to manifest our dreams. Proverbs 22:29 says – Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

DSC00060At this point I would like to quote a chapter from the article John Mason wrote on this nugget: “In the far East the people plant a tree called the Chinese bamboo. During the first four years they water and fertilize the plant with seemingly little or no results. Then the fifth year they again apply water and fertilizer – and within five weeks’ time the tree grows to ninety feet in height! The obvious question is: did the Chinese bamboo tree grow ninety feet in five weeks, or did it grow ninety feet in five years? The answer is: it grew ninety feet in five years. Because if at any time during those five years the people had stopped watering and fertilizing the tree, it would have died.”

Dreams Are Seeds.

As mentioned before; we all have dreams. We all have something we just love doing…..something we just enjoy doing.

Where do you think these dreams are coming from? Where does the emotion come from when you do certain activities? Some of us just love helping people. Some of us love various forms of art, others love music. Everybody loves something! And when we take part, or do that activity, we become passionate about what we are doing, or we experience tremendous joy! Where do you think all of this is coming from? Is it logical because it is just “something nice to do”? If that was to be the case, I am sure that everybody would be responding in the same way to everything. But everybody responds differently.

We cannot all be preachers. Neither can we all be businessmen. Everybody can’t be musicians either!

That is why everybody has been blessed with his or her own talents! “And how do I know what my talents are?” you might ask. Well, what are you dreaming about?

The real question is: what are you going to do about it?

I believe those dreams you have, are the seeds planted inside of you. Your responsibility is to water those seeds with your faith, and develop them through proper goal setting and taking action. Start with whatever is available to you, but take action and persevere until your dreams manifest themselves into reality.

Make That Decision And Then Stick To It.

A big downfall is that there are many people who are all too eager to speak into our lives. And I am not referring to constructive advice in this case. I am talking about negative comments, such as; “who do you think you are”, “you will never be able to make that work”, “yes…..dream on” and many other similar remarks. The list is endless. Sometimes they don’t even have to say anything; it’s all in the body language.

Many of these people are so convincing, yet if you take a look at their own lives, there is often not much to show. This is the time to take your stand, and stand strong. All this “noise”, is often keeping us from giving expression to our own dreams and eventually we sometimes even end up where we can’t even remember what our dreams were.

To open a little window into my own life; what you are reading here is part of my own final decision. For many years I have dreamed about being able to write, but when mentioning it, the responses I would get, often made me feel like a jerk. I have pursued other dreams in my life, and I am being blessed that in the process I have learned perseverance and determination. I plan on using these skills in manifesting this dream of mine!

The other danger might also be where you end up even chasing someone else’s dream! You might even be successful in doing so, but it will never bring real fulfillment.

You need to decide your own dreams, and then persist in achieving your own dreams! Never let go! Like the bulldog…..hold on! Keep on pushing…….keep on keeping on, and once again, never let go!

I would like to end this post with this thought:

  • Have faith in your dreams! Where there is faith, there is hope! Faith and hope is linked, but it is not the same thing! Faith is always working in the now, while hope is in the future.

And the following can be taken from the word “HOPE”

  • H – having
  • O – only
  • P – positive
  • E – expectations


An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded)

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Growth Comes From Building On Talents, Gifts And Strengths – Not By Solving Problems.

Here is a discussion on the 2nd nugget from the book – An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded)17882

If you have missed the discussion on the 1st nugget, you can can read about it here.

So often we hear it proclaimed; “find a problem you can solve and you’ll be successful”! A point of importance here is the “success” being referred to, is more often than not referring to monetary success only. Making the assumption that one will become rich (even become a millionaire) when achieving success.

While I have absolutely no problem with anybody having lots of money, it does bring the question to mind whether success without happiness can really be regarded as true success. Can success only be measured in monetary value?

What Is True Success? 

So how do we know if we are really being successful? We can even use the word “prosperity”. “Are we prosperous”? In Biblical terms that means to have no lack. (Nothing missing, nothing broken). So, we can have millions in the bank, but are we happy? Are we relaxed, or are we stressed? Are we healthy, or are we suffering from heart disease due to stress? Do we have love in our homes, or are there just no time for family life due to the work load?

I heard a well-known preacher saying one day; “A man with millions in the bank, but no one to love him, or no love in his home, is just a poor man with lots of money in the bank”.

Our Talents, Gifts and Strengths.

Each one of us has received his own talents, gifts and strengths. How sad is it that we find so many people today, sacrificing their health and their families, chasing after money.

I am not arguing that it is not always possible to find that dream job. That job where you can get up in the morning and just can’t wait to get to work. It is also true that we do need money to make a living, and in the economy of today, we often feel the need to take whatever job is available. But I do believe that prayer should play a major role when seeking employment, or even when starting a new business. Ask God for guidance.

If you end up in a job that you feel is not really what you had in mind, you can still use your gifts and talents. Maybe you have good communication skills. Use them when dealing with customers or even your colleagues.

I have the habit of doing my Bible study early in the mornings. I often do some extra reading after Bible study, and I am currently working through a book called Fear Fighters: How to Live With Confidence in a World Driven by Fear. I found a perfect example of praying, and using natural talents, where Jentezen Franklin (the author) describes his mother’s story on page 161.

He describes how his father (who also was in the ministry) passed away, and one year later his mother was faced with having to seek employment to survive. She prayed about the situation, promising God that, if He guided her she would be willing to do anything (including a secular job, being a living testimony to His glory), as long as He would guide her. He then carries on to describe how she ended up being employed by his church, and how she is now caring for people, doing hospital visits etc., and how she is now one of the favourite staff members, just doing what comes naturally.

I think it is time for many of us, to start seeking our talents, gifts and strengths, and start growing!

You can read nugget #3 here.


An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded)

Fear Fighters: How to Live With Confidence in a World Driven by Fear

1 Key Trait You Need to Have For Success

Vincent Egoro

There is something top performers, super achievers have that sets them apart from the crowd. And if you want to live your greatest life this year, and have your dreams come true; whatever those dreams are, then you need to develop that quality – which is the indestructible personality.

A person with the indestructible personality cannot be stopped, he will cont be crushed, and he is never denied. He has an unshakeable believe in his destiny, such that when bad things happen, when adversity strike, like it strikes in every life, he is not moved, but rather moves with unrelenting courage.

Do you have a dream? Then you need to have this trait in you. I was told of John Grisham, famous American Novelist, who at the time was a Baptist Sunday school teacher in Virginia, Mississippi. That when he wrote his first novel “A Time to Kill”, he sent…

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Your Least Favorite Color Should Be Beige.

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape

I have always been passionate about finding out more about the human potential! Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Over the years I have built up a collection of books. Going through many of them again recently, I stumbled onto an all time favorite of mine. It gives us 52 nuggets, and I believe if we can focus on these nuggets – 1 per week over the next year – we can truly experience victory in our lives.

I have decided to take one of these nuggets every week, over the next year and discuss them here. Seeing that we are already in week 3 of this year, I might do more than one of these nuggets per week for the next week or so just to get to the point of doing nugget 3 in week 3 etc.. Besides mentioning the specific nuggets, I will not duplicate any material in the book (for obvious reasons), it will purely be discussions, and it will be great to hear your comments too.

The title of the book is An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded) by John L. Mason. With every nugget, John Mason writes a 1 to 2 page article based on the nugget.

The first nugget is: Your Least Favorite Color Should Be Beige.

So many times we hear well-meaning people saying that we just have to make peace with everything. “Whatever will be, will be”,  and “everything happens for a reason”. I know, I caught myself as recently as yesterday saying those same words….”everything happens for a reason”. As I said it, I realized that I must be more careful about how I use my words. That was also when I decided to discuss these nuggets here.

Mankind has been given dominion on this earth (Genesis 1:26). What kind of dominion do we have if we just blindly accept everything because “it happens for a reason”? God wants things to work out in a way that will benefit us. But we have a part to play in that process. It starts with the words we speak. Proverbs 18:21 says that death and life are in the power of the tongue!

We cannot just sit back and accept that “whatever will be, will be” or think that we just have to accept everything that happens to us “because it is for a reason”. We need to take initiative and do our part. If you want me to do a certain task, at least you need to give me something to work with. If you want to travel from point “A” to point “B”, you cannot sit there and say “if I was meant to be at point “B”, I’ll just end up being there”! You need to do something to get there!

The theme for this nugget is about becoming offensive in our actions instead of defensive. To be successful we need to take charge and make things happen, instead of being indecisive, unmotivated and passive, just waiting on life to see what is going to happen. And when nothing happens we start making excuses.

So let’s take responsibility and do something with our lives!

You can read our discussion on the 2nd nugget here.

Source:  An Enemy Called Average (Updated and Expanded)

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Right Association, Key Success Secret

Vincent Egoro

A great poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, wrote a poem called Ulysses. In which he stated, “I am part of who I met.” I have found this to be the absolute truth to all of us; we have been influenced by our schools, every sermon or teaching in our religious institutions, every conversation we heard, or the books we read, every person who has touched our lives has left an impression on our characters, and we become just like the people we associate with most of the time.

Our environments, our associations, have a great impact in our lives, whether we know this or not. Many of us rise or fall according to the people around us, or the places we live. If you look at the lives of people who have failed to move up in life, people who are living mediocre lives, you will discover that they are where…

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