The Guilty Christian

I have always struggled with feeling guilty for my mistakes. And as a Christian, it is easy to think that guilt is a good thing. After all, doesn’t Christ want us all to realize that we are lost sinners without Him? Doesn’t He want us to feel guilty for our wrongdoings so that we will […]

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The Art and Skill of Listening

We often complaign that people don’t take us seriously. We say that people don’t understand us or what we are going through. But do we take others seriously? Do we understand what other people might be going through. This post hits the nail right on the head, pointing to one of the biggest problems in modern society.

Good Time Stories

Egrodziak Photo Credit: Egrodziak via CC Flickr

We all know that life in today’s world is getting faster and faster. Lifestyles are getting busier, more complicated, and less enjoyable. One of the skills that a good number of individuals have lost along the way, has been the skill or ability to actually be quiet, listen and hear to what people (or things) are saying.

How many times have you found yourself “going through the motions” responding to people in robotic, mechanical ways, and never really hearing to what is being said?

Let’s really take the time each day to stop and authentically listen and hear to what our friends, loved ones, or other things” are being said…the results may surprise you!

Today, I have included four very short stories that will illustrate the importance of listening to different things. I hope that these stories will help you in some small way…

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