Your Problem Is Your Promotion

When listening to people you sometimes can’t help to think that life is one big burden to them. They are always facing some major problem. Yet, when we look at this week’s nugget, I think those people who are always facing some problem, should consider themselves to be blessed.

This week’s nugget from John L. Mason’s book An Enemy Called Average is nugget #32 and it says “your problem is yourDSCN9417_2 promotion”.

You Problem Is Your Promotion.

In a working environment we sometimes find this the other way around. It is as if the promotion is the problem for many people. It ends up in gossiping, back-stabbing and all kinds of negativity. They start competing to obtain attention from their superiors, and end up burning themselves out and suffering from negative stress. Yet, they walk around complaining to everybody about how hard and unfair life is.

All this is causing negative stress, while creating a problem which doesn’t even need to exist. All you have to do is to find a real problem and solve it. But so often people would try and find every possible way to avoid the real problems.

As John Mason so accurately states in his book; David’s brothers didn’t do anything about the problem, because they feared the problem and thought it was too big to hit. David on the other hand looked at the problem and thought it was too big to miss.

It is the way you look at the problem that makes all the difference. But face your problem. In the end you’ll either be better or you’ll be worse as a result of the problem. Yes, I’m not saying you will be successful in solving every single problem, but by getting involved in problem solving will definitely improve your experience.

If you want to increase you success rate, double your failure rate. – Thomas Watson, Sr.

No obstacle will ever leave you the way it found you. – John L Mason.

Every obstacle has a limited lifespan. Many of the problems you worried about last year, you can’t even remember today.

In times of adversity you don’t have an obstacle to deal with, you have a choice to make. – John L. Mason.

Don’t Fear.

When facing your problems, don’t fear. Take stock of the situation. Decide what the worst that can happen is. Then start searching for the most logical solutions. Then, as John Mason says; “in the midst of unbelievable circumstances, believe”.

Companies are looking for people with initiative. They are looking for problem solvers. Your problem is your promotion.

Are you turning your problems into opportunities? Why don’t you tell me how you do it. I would love to hear from you.